Find out what makes us different

What makes us a top UK privacy consultancy?

Many GDPR consultancies believe in a one-size fits all solution but our ethos at PRIVACY HELPER is very different – which is why clients like working with us – over 300 to date! You will be in good company…

The PRIVACY HELPER consulting team consists of highly experienced, certified privacy professionals, with a combined experience of over 55 years in data protection.

Our Privacy Team has certifications in: CIPP/E, GDPR-P, C-DPO, IS027001 Lead Implementor, BCS Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection, Level 4 Data Protection and Information Governance Practitioner Certificate.

We truly have the experts for your every privacy challenge – and our work is varied because of this.

One day we may be speaking to a multi-national organisation about complex cross-border data transfers and the legal implications of these, the next we may be helping a small business with their BYOD Policy (Bring Your Own Device Policy) if their staff use their own mobiles for work.

Our detailed understanding of data protection legislation and the expectations of the ICO in terms of its implementation means we can explain your obligations as data controllers in a detailed, yet meaningful way to you, as business owners.

While we may quote specific articles, or clauses of the GDPR to reinforce a point, we will also translate this into a form that you understand. If a consultant cannot explain it simply, they simply don’t understand it well enough – something you will never experience with our experts.
We love privacy and are enthused by our areas of work. Who better to have guide your business than a team of consultants who love their work?

Our Privacy Team is shaped to offer clients access to a complete set of data protection skillsets – very few consultancies can truly offer the range of skills and experience our expert consultants possess:

  • Zero-fuss privacy guidance and data protection compliance
  • Keep personal data safe and secure so your customers can trust you
  • Engage with a team of certified experts who are enablers, not blockers
  • Pay for everything you need and nothing you don’t
  • Plans to suit organisations of every size

Privacy guidance and data protection compliance with zero-fuss



If you’re now unsure of how you can market or are asking the following questions, you are not alone!

Can I send emails? Can I use telemarketing? What constitutes consent? What does legitimate interest really mean? Is this dataset ok to use? Or… I’ve received a letter from the ICO. HELP!

Our marketing specialists have many years of experience to set you on the right path. Remember – marketing is good, it helps businesses grow – you just need to approach it in a responsible and mature fashion.


IT / Technical

Our IT & Technical specialists are just that – very technical! They can advise on

  • Your current IT set-up from the suitability of the machines and devices you are using
  • The version of software for the specific processing activity
  • What security measures you have in place to ensure the data is adequately protected against malicious access
  • The data transfer mechanisms you use – internal and external
  • Role-based access to systems across your business
  • Your back-up provisions in the event of server failure
  • Penetration testing


Our legal specialists can advise on your data protection risks from a legal perspective.

Your legal obligations as a data controller, a data processor or sub-processor.

The validity of your existing contracts with your supply chain – do they contain the necessary privacy clauses to protect you in the event of a data breach by a third party?

With Brexit on the horizon, do you have Standard Contractual Clauses in place to address cross-border data transfers?

All contractual reviews conducted by the Privacy Team are reviewed and underwritten by a law firm who specialise in data protection.