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If your business processing activities mean you are required by law to have a nominated Data Protection Officer (DPO) in-house, or you have decided simply to abide by good practice, then it is essential your DPO is up to date on all areas of legislation.

The role of a DPO is an advisory one that oversees a company’s processing activities to ensure it is conducted in accordance with relevant data protection laws.  The DPO is not a master of all skills in data protection, but they have a robust understanding of the of the legislation, they are able to establish a reliable data protection framework for the business.

Some DPOs have specialist teams that they can rely on for the detail in specific areas:

  • Lawyers specialising in privacy (yes… specialist privacy lawyers!)
  • Marketers who have a thorough knowledge of marketing legislation (PECR 2003) and its application to GDPR
  • Technical specialists motivated by privacy by design
  • Records management specialists who ensure Article 30 obligations are covered and all relevant policies are drafted

If you’re not lucky enough to have access to these specialist departments, then you have the next best thing – PRIVACYHELPER.

We realise nobody is an expert at everything, and privacy is no different. Privacy experts are experts in their own fields – there is rarely a significant cross-over.  Our specialist team has been structured to offer our clients a complete privacy skillset, meaning we truly are a one-stop shop.

For this reason, we are your ideal solution as a specialist training provision for your DPO. You can rely on us to provide regular, scheduled training sessions so our in-house specialists keep your in-house specialists up to date with the latest developments in a fast-moving privacy environment.

Below is a summary of the training services we offer organisations with in-house DPOs. We offer a flexible service, according to your needs, so get in touch to discuss what is most appropriate to you.

Legal training

Our privacy lawyers will explain in detail the importance of effective contractual reviews – how a professionally drafted contract with clauses appropriate to the specific processing activities of a certain supplier can offer your business the required protection in the event of a data breach while personal data is in the care of your data processor.

We will cover:

  • A reminder of your legal obligations in relation to the GDPR.
  • What to look out for in a third-party supplier contracts – why the wording may not be sufficient.
  • Legal loopholes to consider that may have been inserted by your processor – remember, you are the data controller and you are ultimately responsible for the processing of the data under the GDPR.
  • How political factors such as the Brexit negotiations could affect your data processing activities – and how to cover yourselves contractually.

Marketing training

Our marketing specialists have many years of experience in the data marketing industry, so are able to demonstrate a hands-on knowledge of the appropriate legislation – both GDPR and the Privacy & Electronic Communication Regulation, 2003 (PECR), which relates to the use of personal data for electronic marketing.

Our training will include:

  • An overview of your current activity – from data collection and its final use.
  • Any updates to legislation – PECR
  • Progress with incoming ePrivacy Regulation
  • Latest ICO enforcement action.
  • Technical training

Managing data effectively within the business is a key component of your GDPR programme and our specialists will keep you up to date on:

  • Technical updates on your existing data processing technologies, such as SharePoint and Exchange
  • The advantages of these updates and how the organisation can benefit from them
  • Demonstrations on how to use any new updates relating to your existing systems.
  • Records management training

Our records management specialists will explain the concepts of records management, the lifecycle stages of a records, the tools required to implement a robust system and managing file structures.

  • Your obligations as a data controller in relation to records management – in particular, Article 30.
  • The benefits of records management
  • The uses of data – essential to ensure no re-purposing.
  • The allocation of retention periods and how to justify these.
  • Disaster recovery.
  • Alternatively, a specialist package..

You tell us your areas of weakness or uncertainty and we’ll devise a bespoke training schedule for your needs – thanks to our diverse range of skills, we can be completely flexible – not many privacy agencies offer that!

What will this cost?

Our standard consulting fees are £175 per hour, per consultant.  We also charge reasonable subsistence expenses when site visits are required.

At Privacy Helper, we tailor the training packages to suit the needs of your business. Therefore, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

What to do next

There is no time like the present! Get in touch with our specialist team and we can talk to you about your DPO training needs – maybe you’ve been “assigned” the job but aren’t entirely sure what it means… we can help.

Or, there’s been an ICO announcement or a ruling and you’re not sure how to communicate this around your business. Again, we can help!


As with our ethos, our pricing structure is simple, straightforward and highly competitive – we offer fixed-price options.

Audit Only

For companies that will action the output of the Gap Analysis themselves or via a third-party

£175 per hour

(Budget 3 hours per Department/Work Area)

No contract commitment
Single fixed price

  • Basic Gap Analysis (consulting hours based on the number of departments/work areas in the organisation)
  • Initial Discovery Phase
  • Delivery of Executive Summary & RAG Report
  • Report contains both “Quick Wins” and “Long-Term Tasks”

Audit plus Action

For companies that need Outsourced DPO and long-term gap-closure support

£150 per hour

(Budget 3 hours per Department/Work Area)

Leads to a GDPR Action & Outsourced DPO plan
Single fixed price

  • Gap Analysis (consulting hours based on the number of departments/work areas in the organisation)
  • Initial Discovery Phase
  • Delivery of Executive Summary & RAG Report
  • Report contains both “Quick Wins” and “Long-Term Tasks”


When on-site, our working day is 9am – 5pm. For site visits, reasonable subsistence expenses are charged, however these are all agreed by you in advance. On large-scale projects, where our Global Privacy Consultants are engaged, fees are £250 per hour.

Our hourly rates mean you only pay for EXACTLY the time we need for the task – our hours are recorded on timesheets, so we are fully accountable for time vs tasks!

At PRIVACYHELPER, we pride ourselves on tailoring packages to suit your business – your needs and your budget. That is why we don’t offer pre-packaged services that your business has to try and fit into.

Once we have conducted the data discovery phase, or reviewed your existing GAP analysis documents, we’ll propose a set number of days per month – based on the size of the business, the challenges you face and the amount of guidance you’ll need from us.

This resourcing model is perfect for most companies, as it offers you the flexibility to use our time intensively when the need arises, but to keep time to a minimum at other times. You remain in complete control of your budgets!

Why choose us?

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How much will this cost?

Our pricing structure is simple, straightforward and highly competitive. Head over to our pricing page and take a look at our most popular packages.

What next?

Get in touch via our contact us page, tell us about your business and a member of our team will get back to you.

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